Generator: EU32i S

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Generator: EU32i S

SRP: ₱150,000

Category: Inverter

Rated AC Output, W 2,600

AC Output Voltage, V: 220

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Maximum AC Output, W: 3,200
Rated AC Output, W: 2,600
AC Output Voltage, V: 220
AC Frequency, Hz: 60
Effective Fuel Tank Capacity, L 4.6
Continuous Operating Time @ Rated Power, h 3.3
Operating Noise Level @ Rated Load, dB 91
Operating Noise Level, dB: 65.1
Dimensions, mm (L x W x H) 571 x 306 x 452
Dry Weight: 26.5



Bluetooth connectivity : This generator has Bluetooth connectivity where you can pair it with your smartphone to monitor and even remotely stop the generator through the My Generator app. This can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. From the app, fuel level and output power can be checked and warnings during operations can also be received giving control and monitoring at the palm of your hands.


Fuel Efficient

The EU32i not only packs a maximum of 3,200-watt capacity but also fuel efficient because it uses fuel injection (FI) technology making it better than carburetor. Compared with the previous EU30i model, the EU32i consumes 22% less fuel at ¾ rated power and 26% less fuel at rated power. Paired with the ECO throttle feature which adjusts automatically the engine speed depending on the load, maximum fuel economy can be achieved.



Because the EU32i is an inverter generator, when it operates at rated power it only produces 91dB. At ¾ the power, the sound is only at 88dB. And at ¼ the power it is only at 84dB which means that the noise level is comparable to a rotary lawnmower or when you are inside a car. 



Another feature of the EU32i is that it is light weight with only 26.5 kg (dry weight) because of its framework that has no steel frames, Honda’s original material, the reduction of the cylinder block and reducing the thickness of the cooling fins and increasing its number, makes the EU32i lighter than the previous EU30i model by 32 kgs. The shape also gives a lightweight feel to the EU32i.


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