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Find the reliability and dependability of Honda Power Products all over the country.

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No one knows what tomorrow will bring. But the future will come.

On streets all over the world, one can easily see motorcycles of all sizes proudly emblazoned with the Honda Wing mark, and cars carrying the Honda ‘H’ or Acura ‘A’ emblems. On race circuits, Honda Formula One cars and MotoGP race bikes dominate racing, while such creations as Honda Jets, robots and personal mobility devices captivate the public eye with their array of technological innovations.

Honda has also secured a prominent place in people’s daily lives as well through its tillers, lawnmowers, power generators, snow throwers,outboard engines and other useful and convenient lines of power products.

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Find the reliability and dependability of Honda Power Products all over the country.

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We at Honda dream of a better world where people, technology and the environment live as one. That is why our products and processes are designed to put safe, efficient, economical, and environment-friendly technology at the service of people and the community.

At our new Batangas plant, once also just a dream that is now a 20-hectare reality, we push ahead with our efforts to provide our customers with life-building technology. This way, our dreams tie in with theirs, and together we readily face the future, because at Honda, we continue to witness the power of dreams.

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