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Starting out in the early 90s, when customers had to come and place their orders for agricultural machinery, equipment, and parts, and wait for a few days before receiving their orders, Tarlac Robert "G" Motors Trading now has an inventory that is sufficient even for bulk buyers.

Officially established as Robert's Motor Trading in January 1996, it started as a store that also sold motorcycles and their parts. Fondly called "Robert's," it gradually focused and expanded its offerings to agricultural machinery, equipment, and parts, as well as services. Recognizing the situation of agricultural farmers, Robert's sought to offer alternatives that would increase the purchasing power of many farmers. From dealerships to credit lines to product alternatives, Robert's made a way for farmers to acquire machinery and equipment to lighten their workload every day. To ensure customer satisfaction, Robert's sourced parts from various suppliers and trained its mechanics to provide after-sales services that would prolong the lifespan of agricultural machinery and equipment. Moreover, Robert's experience in this field allowed them to quickly understand the needs of consumers based on simple information.

Since 2006, Robert's Motor Trading has been legally known as Tarlac Robert "G" Motors Trading. Nonetheless, many still recognize it as Robert's Motor Trading or simply refer to it as Robert's. What initially began as a "per-order basis" operation, Robert's is now an authorized dealer of brand new and surplus agricultural machinery, equipment, and parts from brands like Honda, and more. Up to this day, Robert's continues to explore and offer alternative options that enhance the purchasing power of farmers and ensure reliable after-sales service. With its dedicated employees and loyal customers, Robert's will remain a reliable partner for years to come.

FR435 Brush Cutter

The FR435 brush cutter is a brush cutter powered by the GX35 M4 Engine. The engine offers several advantages: 360-degree operation, no need for mixing 2T oil with fuel, an easy engine switch and a reflector for operator safety preventing debris from hitting them. The brush cutter model is designed for daily use in cutting bushes and grass.
Home Lawn Maintenance
School Grounds Maintenance

Blade type: 12 inches 2-teeth blade

Fuel capacity: 0.63 L

Net power: 1.34 hp

FR450 Brush Cutter

The FR450 is a professional brush cutter with the GX50 M4 engine. The engine is a 4-stroke engine and allows 360-degree operation without mixing 2T oil and fuel, with the easy engine switch and reflector it guarantees a safer and more efficient cutting experience. The brush cutter model is designed for cutting dense vegetation.
Road cleaning
Landscaping activities
Land conversion

Blade type: 14 inches 2-teeth blade

Fuel capacity: 0.63 L

Net power: 2.0 hp

FR20W Water Pump

The FR20W: a 2”x2" water pump, ideal for watering vegetables and fruit trees. It is powered by the fuel-efficient and easy-to-maintain GP200H QH1 Engine, ensuring cost-effectiveness and reliable performance. This efficient water pump provides a convenient solution for effectively watering plants while minimizing fuel consumption and maintenance efforts.
Watering Vegetables and Fruit Trees
Maintaining Greenery

Max Volume: 600 L/min

Suction Height: 7m

Total Head: 26m

FR30W Water Pump

The FR30W: a 3”x3” water pump designed for efficiently discharging large amounts of water, it is ideal for irrigating palay fields. It is powered by the fuel-efficient GP200H QH1 Engine, with easy maintenance and effortless starting, this water pump ensures reliable performance for agricultural water management.
Drainage Operations

Max Volume: 800 L/min

Suction Height: 7m

Total Head: 30m