Honda Power Products went full power at the 22nd Worldbex

December 4, 2018

Honda Power Products went full power at the 22nd Worldbex

In its mission to keep powering people’s dreams, Honda was in full display at the recently held 22nd Worldbex hosted across three of the country’s premier convention venues – the World Trade Center, the Philippine Trade Training Center, and the SMX Convention Center, for a 5-day spectacle that happened from March 15 to 19.

With the big names of the business present, Honda Power Products showed the trade show’s guests, not to mention passers-by as well, how ready and determined the brand is to remain as a major player for what insiders of the construction and design industry are claiming to be the “golden age of infrastructure” that’s bound to transpire in the next few years.

With Honda’s impressive line of engines made available for onlookers to see, it was made evidently clear that Honda Power Products plan to be the household name in the construction space for a long time as patrons of the 5-day affair were all made aware how viable and practical each and every single one of the Honda engines on display are for any infrastructure project – no matter how big or how small, ready to provide the optimum output needed for various tools like concrete cutters, concrete mixers, plate compactors, and concrete vibrators, just to name a few.

From generators, water pumps, GP engines and Honda’s top-of-the-line Honda GX Cyclone Engines, Honda Power Products made a mark in the 2017 Worldbex, taking advantage of the trade show’s biggest turnout yet, as the event broke its own foot traffic record after welcoming as much as 192,000 visitors.

It was proof that the world of infrastructure continues and will continue to be a strong component towards the country’s growth and sustainability, and Honda Power Products – with its series of engines all engineered for various infrastructure applications, will be there to keep moving the industry forward and power people’s dreams as they bring the foundations of a better and brighter future, closer to people.