In Honda's mission to help usher in a world where technology and the environment live as one, we are providing the populace with the tools that they need to achieve great possibilities with power products that are engineered to build the strong foundations of the future.

      Honda takes pride in providing millions of Filipinos with the best quality of service. That is why we are providing you with high quality spare parts for all your Honda-powered tools, available at a Honda Dealer shop near you!

      In Honda's drive to provide the world with the “power that helps people get things done during all stages of life,” the brand that you can count on for reliability and dependability wants to guarantee that equipping people with the tools that they need to build on a better future doesn't end once the sale is made. That's why Honda Power Products are covered by a 2-YEAR WARRANTY, assuring you that you get to maximize your productivity with a reliable partner and the proven technology that you can be sustained by, not just for tomorrow, but for years to come.